Indoor Properties

Outdoor Properties

Current Projects

Current Projects



Kitchen Renovation

Mt. Pisgah is looking to replace and update the cabinetry in the kitchen.  This is in the planning phase.



New Church Sign

A new electronic sign will be installed soon in front of the church.  This will increase our visibility and allow us to distribute information to the community more effectively.



Tree Removal

A tree is planned to be removed from the front yard, near the Memorial Garden. It is in a precarious location and would impede vision of the new church sign.

Recent Projects

Recent Projects



Ice Machine

A new ice machine was added to the kitchen after the previous machine was unable to be repaired.



Perimeter Fence

A perimeter fence to deter trespassing was constructed after campsites and drug paraphernalia were located on church grounds.

If you have noticed a maintenance issue or have a property concern, please email us.