Towering majestically at 5,721 feet, Mount Pisgah is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains and our congregation's namesake. 

Mt. Pisgah's Vision

The view from Mt. Pisgah is clear: led together by Christ, we outwardly demonstrate the presence of His love daily, by serving the spiritual and physical needs in the congregation, community, and world, as beacons of God's love.

Seeking to proclaim the Good News of salvation through Christ, our Lord, to all people, at home and abroad, Mt. Pisgah Lutheran Church endeavors to equip the saints and gather the lost through: 

  • Vibrant Worship that boldly announces the forgivness of our sins for the sake of our crucified and risen Lord, Jesus as we hear God's Word and receive His Sacraments.
  • Active Mission Work that takes a hands-on approach to bringing Jesus to those who do not yet know Him.  We are especially grateful for the opportunity the Lord has given us as we share Christ's love with the people of Laotcikit, Haiti. We have been working with Pastor Walta Clericus and the Lutheran Church of Haiti to provide education and training for pastors and seminarians, a Lutheran school in Laotichikit, shelter, beds, clothing and food for the orphaned children in Laotichikit, as well as our prayers and the hope that is given to all who trust in Jesus Christ.  Members of Mt. Pisgah regularly travel to Laotichikit to share the Gospel, encourage the Faithful, and provide medical care and supplies.
  • Outreach and Community Concerns is a major focus of Mt. Pisgah Lutheran Church.  We strive to reach out in Christian love to Hendersonville and the surrounding areas by supporting local charities, both financially and physically.  We also endeavor to make Mt. Pisgah a place where visitors are valued and treated as family. 
  • Parish Life provides opportunities to strengthen our own congregation and welcome newcomers.  Through a vast variety of fellowship opportunities we support, strengthen, and encourage our brothers and sisters as we walk together, united in Christ.
  • Christian Education is at the heart of our congregational life at Mt. Pisgah.  Believers of all ages are enriched by our passionate devotion to and study of God's Word.  The Holy Bible is the inerrent and infallible Word of God.  His Word is truth, and we rejoice as He continues to speak to His people through it--pointing us to our Savior Jesus.
  • One of the most visitble ways that Mt. Pisgah fulfills her vision is through Mt. Pisgah Lutheran Preschool.  Here we present a Christ-centered education to the children of the Hendersonville area and their families.  We offer the highest quality of education to prepare the little ones for the rest of their academic career while simultaneously providing a firm foundation for the Christian faith and strong moral values.


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