Mount Pisgah Preschool

Lutheran parochial education has 150 years of rich heritage in the United States. The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has over 1,300 early childhood development centers dedicated solely to the educational and spiritual growth of young children.

"When Schools flourish, all flourishes." Martin Luther 1483-1546.

They are Special

Childcare and preschool frequently represent the child's first separation from home. Part of this experience is learning that other adults can be helpful and loving. Children have much social learning to do. This is accomplished best in an atmosphere of love and concern for the needs of each child. Programs are planned to encourage and develop individual strengths and abilities, while helping your child to understand the value of cooperation and interaction with others. This is achieved through working, learning, playing, and sharing with other children as well as with adults.


Play is the child's work. We take advantage of this fact and add many facets of early childhood teaching techniques to build a happy and strong foundation. To accomplish this, we balance active time with quiet time, teacher-directed activities with child-selected ones, and structured learning with fun-time. We will encourage the child's natural curiosity and eagerness to learn about the Lord's creation.

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