Ushers and Greeters

Ushers and Greeters are the smiling face of Christian hospitality.  Following the tradition of the monastic Porter, who was designated for being the initial point of interaction with the public, the ushers and greeters joyfully assist worshipers as they prepare to worship.

Greeters at Mt. Pisgah Lutheran Church welcome members and visitors, hold doors as worshipers arrive at the church, and provide assistance to those who may need a helping hand in entering or exiting their vehicles at our drop-off location.  They also help to direct visitors to the ushers or other congregation members who can give them further assistance.

Ushers, in addition to handing out bulletins for the day's service, serve the church by keeping our worship orderly.  They monitor the needs of the worshipers before, during, and after the service by:

  • Supplying worshipers with the materials needed for worship.
  • Helping visitors to sign our visitor book and hand out activity bags for children.
  • Answering questions or directing them to an Elder who might be of greater assistance, especially if a visitor wishes to commune with us or if the worshiper has special needs.
  • Adjusting heating and cooling, ventilation and lighting as needed. 
  • Collecting the offering and directing worshipers as they approach the communion rail to receive the Lord's Supper. 
  • Providing a headcount of people in attendance and responding to help should a disturbance arise.

If you would like more information about serving as a Greeter or an Usher, please speak to one of our Elders at a Sunday service or contact the church office.  (828) 692-7027 or Email


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