Outreach/Community Concerns

The Board of Outreach/Community Concerns works to plan, produce, promote, and coordinate the efforts of Mt. Pisgah Lutheran Church toward the fulfillment of Christ's Great Commission in Henderson County and the surrounding areas.  Their focus is on the mission field in our own neighborhoods and community.  

Community Concern of the Month

The general purpose of the Hendersonville Rescue Mission shall be to minister to needy persons by way of presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them and helping to provide for their spiritual and physical needs. The food services at the Mission are quite unique in that the food is delicious and the entire public is welcome to join us for a meal, not just those staying in our living quarters. Ann's Place is our transitional housing located off campus that is strictly reserved for women who have gone through our 6 month program with children and are ready to move toward total independence.




Charity Resources in Hendersonville